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CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice is the largest bubble tea chain in the world. Our vision in “Globalized Corporation, Localized Management” has transformed CoCo from an ambitious entrepreneur from Taiwan to a global chain business and to date, we have over 2800 stores worldwide. CoCo’s freshly made quality drinks can be found in major cities such as Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Hong Kong. We have also expanded globally to the United States, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia. Through the development of our comprehensive training programs, examination systems, product innovation and professional management team, CoCo has built a unique competitive advantage of a global business.

We hire top executives from multinational companies at home and abroad. Many of our team members have worked in different industries and graduated from elite business schools in Europe and North America. With the rapid expansion of the company, we are looking for passionate and talented individuals to join the CoCo family in headquarters, sub companies and high management. We believe people is the key to our success. As a result, CoCo offers fast track promotion, competitive compensation, positive working environment and people development. Our overseas expats receive an annual salary over NT$1 million. In CoCo, we provide professional training and relocation opportunities both domestically and internationally. We would like to welcome you to join our family, maximize your potential and realize your dreams. 

For more information, please visit our official website: http://www.coco-tea.com




獎 金 類:全勤獎金、年終獎金、績效獎金
保 險 類:意外險
娛 樂 類:國內旅遊、國外旅遊、員工定期聚餐、慶生會、尾牙
補 助 類:員工結婚補助、生育補助、員工國內、外進修補助、員工及眷屬喪葬補助
其  他:需穿著員工制服、員工在職教育訓練

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