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Accretech Taiwan is the subsidiary of Tokyo Semitsu Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. Since founded in 1949, Tokyo Seimitsu is the IPO company in Japan as a manufacturer of precision measurement systems and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The company employed more than 1,200(consolidated base) employees worldwide in USA, Europe, and Asia. Tokyo Semitsu aims to successively introduce into the market ‘World No. 1 Products’ that flow from our corporate “Strategic Principles for Our R&D”. To meet this challenge, Tokyo Seimitsu has extended beyond our initial core of making precision measuring systems to building “Win-Win Relationships” with previous competitors and other companies sharing the drive to create World No. 1 Products. For more information, please visit company web: http://www.accretech.jpFor more information, please visit company web:


Accretech sales and manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and measuring instruments
1. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment: 
Wafer probing machines, wafer dicing machines, wafer inspection system, polish grinders, chemical mechanical planarizers (CMPs), wire slicing machines*, wafer slicing machines*, wafer edge grinding machines*
2. Measuring instruments: 
Coordinate measuring machines, surface texture and contour measuring instruments, roundness and cylindrical profile measuring instruments, machine control gauges*, various types of sensors*
*Developed and manufactured by Tosei Engineering Corp.

台灣東京精密股份有限公司於2007年12月剛設立完成. 主要負責日本母公司設備銷售服務. 敬邀有意願與本公司共同成長者加入我們的行列!


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