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Unlimited energy sources such as the sun, wind and water are at the world's disposal. Today, one of our most challenging responsibilities is to capture and make full use of these vast resources. ENERCON, Germany's largest wind turbine manufacturer, is ready to meet this challenge. With production facilities on three continents and a market representation in 32 countries, 20,000 committed employees are working towards ENERCON's success on a global scale. Our wind turbines are equipped with highly sophisticated technological features which ensure that we remain at the forefront of the wind energy industry.
取之不竭的能源,例如太陽、風和水,皆可任由世界自由取用。今日的世界裡,我們最大的挑戰之一便是要竭盡所能的利用這無限浩大的資 源!ENERCON,德國最大的風力發電渦輪製造商,其市場佔有率橫跨三大洲、32個國家,也將以精良的設備成為全世界的代表!並且與超過 20,000 位獻身於 ENERCON 的工作夥伴,共同邁向成功的世界規模。我們的風力發電渦輪裝備具有高度精密的技術,更堅定我們留在風力發電的產業前線繼續努力的決心。

In Taiwan, we have installed more than 200 turbines. We are one of the major wind turbine providers in Taiwan. Our turbines mainly located in the west coast area from Taoyuan to Changhua, and also in Penghu. Wind energy is the clean, safe, and affordable green energy. We are looking for candidates who with passion and seeking for continuous improvements. Do you expect a working environment with multi-culture and various challenges? ENERCON will be your best choice!
在台灣,我們已安裝超過200座風力發電機組,也是目前台灣市佔率最高的品牌。我們的風力發電機主要分布在西部沿海地區,北自桃園、南至雲林,也 包含澎湖。風力發電是種乾淨、安全、又可負擔的綠色能源。我們在找擁有熱情、追求持續進步的你。期待多元文化學習及多樣工作的挑戰嗎?ENERCON將會 是你的最佳選擇!

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Who we are
• We are a successful system service provider in the field of renewable energy represented in more than 30 countries worldwide.
• For over 30 years we have been responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of ENERCON WEC technology.
• We combine our expertise in engineering, commerce and logistics to ensure that all ENERCON products remain in excellent working condition in the long term.
• We have been offering our customers the best decentralized service in the field for years.

• 我們是一家提供再生能源系統服務的企業,成功的在全球超過30個國家提供服務並取得卓越成就。
• 我們 30 多年來一直負責艾納康 (ENERCON) 風力發電機的安裝、保養維護與維修。
• 我們成功地將技術、商務、與物流等領域的經驗整合,確保艾納康 (ENERCON) 的風機產品能夠完美持續的運轉。
• 我們多年來透過堪稱典範的分散模式,為所有的客戶提供業內最優質的服務。


Wind turbine installation and maintenance.


1. 提供專業高品質之安全設備與電機工具
Provide professional and high quality safety equipment and electrical tools
2. 國內外完整的員工訓練 Comprehensive training sessions inland and aboard
3. 福委會相關活動 Welfare committee activities
4. 優於勞基法的加班與休假制度 Better overtime payment and vacation policy
5. 不定期員工聚餐 Company dinner
6. 免費電影票發放 Free movie tickets
7. 國內外旅遊補助 Travel allowance

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