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KLA是全球製程控制的市場領導者, 我們四十餘年來致力於半導體相關產業, 運用創新的光學系統、 感應裝置以及高效能運算技術, 為客戶持續開發檢測、量測和資訊分析系統,創造價值。

Calling the visionaries ready to use nanotechnology to revolutionize our lives. At KLA, we're making scientific advancements that are BIGGER – and tinier – than the industry has ever seen.
You probably know that every major semiconductor manufacturer in the world depends on our innovations. But do you know how we keep advancing? How we empower our people with growth opportunities and education to keep them curious, keep them searching and education to keep them pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology? Our inspection and metrology tools make it possible for our customers to manufacture high-performance chips efficiently, which is why technology with such a small focus can have such a huge impact — and why we constantly need people with perspective and perception to help enable the digital age… and whatever comes next.

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新竹辦公室: 新竹縣竹北市台元街22號台元科技園區C棟1樓(Taiwan HQ)
林口辦公室: 桃園龜山鄉公園路30號11樓
台中辦公室: 台中市南屯區文心路一段521號6F-12
台南辦公室: 台南市新市區南科三路9號4樓

“I enjoy life in KLA and love the culture of encouraging new ideas and embracing different opinions which give everyone the chance of being a contributor. Love the flexible working culture, global environment, training and travel opportunities which keep me motivated and passionate all the time. Life here full of challenges but rewarding experiences!!”
- Field Applications Engineer, Taiwan

“Working in KLA not only grants me the chances to work with all those intelligent people from the world but also inspires me to always give out the best of myself. I've always enjoyed how myself is being enriched and broadened through lives in KLA. It's challenging sometimes, but it never disappoints me.”
- Customer Service Engineer, Taiwan

Improve customer yield, performance and time to market, enabling the digital age.

Serve the semiconductor industry and adjacent markets.

Provide leading technologies, differentiated solutions and superior customer experiences through collaboration, innovation and execution.


Calling the adventurers ready to join a company that’s pushing the limits of nanotechnology to keep the digital revolution rolling.

At KLA, we create smarter processes so that technology leaders can manufacture high-performance chips—the kind in that phone in your pocket, the tablet on your desk and nearly every electronic device you own—faster and better.

Working in an evolving industry means there’s always variety—and a future—in what we do. And we enable that evolution. We dedicate significant resources to R&D in process control. It’s a vital investment that delivers results, with advancements in:

Optics, including Electron Optics
High-speed data processing
Precision motion control
Illumination systems
Advanced algorithms
Image sensors
Computational lithography
With so many places to focus your passion, you won’t run out of possibilities at KLA. In fact, many members of our team began in one role, sharpened their relevant skills and moved on to a new challenge. So, where will you find your future?

The future is calling. Will you answer?

你曾有過的這些想像與嚮往,Work in KLA 開啟這扇大門!


其  他:KLA透過對先進知識的掌握,協助個人持續發展。公司的訓練與發展計畫,協助個人職能與企業成長,成效斐然 。我們的願景是成為一個知識管理的組織; 我們致力於提供學習管道,協助員工提高生產力,同時有助於整體職涯發展。 自2008年起,我們連續4年被訓練雜誌(Training Magazine) 評選為頂尖Top10企業之一。 如今,KLA是被公認為一家融合科技與教育有成的出色企業。
【Your career in KLA is what all matters】
* 完善的學習環境: 在美國總部設立企業學習中心,並於美國/新加坡/台灣成立產品知識中心,開發及設計公司產品專屬課程。提供最專業必要的軟實力課程,結合知名國內國外顧問公司資源。
* 縝密的新人訓練: 依據職位內容,我們提供KLA員工至全球相關產品知識中心接受完整的知識及實作訓練。
* 專業產品課程: 依員工工作內容,提供技術學習課程 (美國、新加坡、比利時、以色列、德國、上海、台灣、印度)
* 零時差的線上學習平台: 提供公司內部線上專業及認證課程 (Corporate Learning Center) ,並與外部專業線上學習平台合作,提供員工自我進修的管道與資源。
* 個人發展計畫: 據個人發展需求,除專業課程外並安排管理/領導/溝通/簡報技巧能力等課程
* 學費補助/產學合作: 員工可依公司學費補助辦法,申請在職進修學程及外部訓練課程; 與史丹佛、密西根及州立聖荷西大學建立夥伴關係,提供線上工程技術課程。
* 全方位的學習計畫: On-boarding/新進人員訓練/管理才能計畫/ 接班人計畫/Talent Pool
*Leadership development program-KLA Enterprise Leadership Model/Manager Competencies: 量身打造領導階層主管競爭力,以企業的角度打造主管培訓的完整系統及職能訓練。
* 暢通的內部升遷申請管道
* 公開透明的全球晉升轉職機會
* 外部優秀人才推薦獎金
【Work/Life in KLA, enrich your horizon and diversity】
* 每季部門員工交流、全體互動溝通會議
* 提供部門teambuilding活動經費,促進員工交流
* 多元化的福委會社團活動
* 年度家庭日/尾牙
* 免費每年定期員工優質健康檢查
* 佳節禮金禮券/生日禮卷
* 完善的團體保險: 壽險、意外險、癌症險、住院醫療險、職災險
* 專業的員工協助方案 (EAP): 提供員工和眷屬專業的諮詢服務 (心理諮商/法律諮詢/財務規劃/管理諮詢)
* 人性化管理: 當期雜誌及不同類型書籍提供於KT圖書館;享用咖啡飲品點心
* 寬敞舒適的辦公座位與環境
* KLA Foundation 美商科磊基金會致力於當地/國際社區營造、福祉推動、STEM Education
* 提倡鼓勵員工參與志工服務/make the difference
【Pay by Performance Philosophy of Pay Structure】
* 保障14個月年薪
* 津貼: 每月固定優渥的汽車津貼
* 年度績效獎金: 依據個人表現及事業總體績效,提供工作即時獎金與高額績效獎金
* 年度優秀人才留任獎金: 依據職位與工作發展潛能,提供長期激勵獎金
*即時獎勵計畫: Spot Bonus, 線上即時Bravo! 獎勵系統, Leadership Award, Team Award, Patent Award…
* 優於勞基法的休假制度: 新人到職即可享有特休,並依法給予各種假別。

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