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Sales & Events Manager



  • Job Description:  

    This is a unique role where you will be leading the Jamie‘s Italian Taiwan events and sales team in Taiwan. Your time will be focused on event sales - defining the right offer for customers and walking your trade-zone building relationships and sales leads. You will also be responsible for ensuring an awesome guest experience. 


    No day will be the same, as you will have the opportunity to develop new sales leads each day. You are results-oriented person, who enjoy setting bold goals and then hitting them. The role is dynamic and challenging, and requires a person with great communication skills and a passion for hospitality excellence (food and events). 


    This position working location will be at our Taipei office. Travelling will be required to conduct sales meetings. 




    1. Events and Catering Sales 

    • Contribute to achieving the departmental budget via events and catering revenue generation  

    • Building relationships with local corporate offices, hotels and of course our Mall tenants to drive events and catering sales via visits, sales meetings and direct sales calls 

    • Develop referral partnerships with surrounding hotels and serviced apartments’ concierge to pitch their guests’ business 

    • Plan and implement sales & events sales strategic planning, targeting designated market segments as outlined per the strategy that you define 

    • Conduct market intelligence researches on competitors for critical analysis and insights 

    • Understand client’s needs to work out customized menus and awesome events proposals 

    • Work with the Kitchen team so menus offers are as practical as possible to operate in order to ensure clients have great dining experiences 



    2. Events and Catering Management 

    • Meet and greet the clients upon arrival and make sure that they feel a Jamie-style welcome 

    • Supervise the organization of post-event feedbacks collection and follow-up, identifying further business opportunities. Pass on feedback to management and operations for constant improvement. 

    • Assist on a smooth execution of large events that take place at the restaurants  

    • Provide exceptional service to ensure guests’ experience will be worth remembering 

    • Assist guests with their needs according to our company standards and brand image. Be a solutions provider in case of challenges or concerns/complaints raised up by guests

  • 工作地點:
    台北市信義區 松壽路11號 新光三越 A11 3樓(Jamie‘s Italian)地圖
  • 工作時間:
    日班, 假日班
  • 休假制度:
    週休二日, 排休
  • 工作待遇:
    • 包括本薪與按月給付之固定津貼及獎金;如房租津貼、交通費、膳食費、水電費、按月發放之工作(生產績效、業績)獎金及全勤獎金等。
    4萬含以上)  薪資公秤
  • 工作性質:
  • 職務類別:
  • 需求人數:
    1 人
  • 管理人數:
  • 到職日期:
  • 工作福利:


      獎 金 類:員工生日禮金
      保 險 類:意外險
      餐 飲 類:免費供餐
      娛 樂 類:尾牙
      其  他:員工在職教育訓練
      ★保險類 Insurance
      1.勞保– Labour Insurance
      2.健保– Health Insurance
      3.退職金提撥6% - Pension 6%
      4. 僱主意外責任險– Employer Accident Liability Insurance
      ★休閒類 - Entertainment
      1.尾牙活動 – Annual dinner
      2. 生日禮金- Birthday allowance
      ★制度類 – Policy scheme
      1.完整的教育訓練(營運/幕僚) – Fully training provided (FOH/BOH)
      2.員工餐 – Staff Meal
      3.順暢的升遷管道 – Well Career Promotion path
      ★請/休假制度 Leave benefit
      1.特休/年假 – Annual leave
      2.陪產假 – Paternity leave
      3.女性同仁生理假 - Menstrual Leave
      ★其他 - Others
      1.餐廳員工用餐優惠 – Staff discount
      2.提供員工制服(營運) – Uniform provided (Operations)
      3. Health Exam Provided
      ★計時制人員 – Part time staff
      1.彈性的工作時間 – flexible work hour
      2.國定假日出勤雙倍時薪 – Double pay in Public Holiday
      3.通過內部評核即可調薪 – Internal promotion
      4.提供實習生建教合作等就學機會及資訊 – Provide training for intern


  • 身份類別:
  • 學歷限制:
  • 科系限制:
  • 工作經驗:
  • 語言能力:
    中文 聽:精通 說:精通 讀:精通 寫:精通
    英文 聽:精通 說:精通 讀:精通 寫:精通
  • 附加條件:

    About You and Your Qualifications: 

    • Minimum 3 years of sales work experience in hospitality preferred (ideally from F&B industry, or other service industry such as hotels or airlines) and with solid contacts 

    • Mandarin native speaker and fluent in spoken and written English 

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills  

    • Enjoy working independently and willing to work flexible hours (e.g. evenings, weekends sometimes for large scale or VIP events) 

    • Confident in dealing with simple excel and numbers to work out food cost and menus quotations 

    • Able to send out clear emails and use Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) 



    • 至少3年業務銷售的工作經驗(最好是來自餐飲業或其他服務行業,如酒店或航空公司) 

    • 流利的中文和英文口說與書寫能力 

    • 優秀的口頭和書寫溝通技巧 

    • 喜歡獨立工作並接受彈性的工時(例如:大型活動或VIP活動的晚上、週末) 

    • 會使用Excel和對數字有敏感度(計算食品成本和菜單報價) 

    • 能夠發送清晰的電子郵件並懂得使用Microsoft Office(Word、PowerPoint和Excel)


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