• Huvepharma Taiwan,branch of Huvepharma NV比利時商浩衛製藥有限公司台灣分公司

      比利時商浩衛製藥股份有限公司(Huvepharma)是一家全球性的公司,主要研發、生產與銷售人類和動物保健相關產品,公司英文名稱由3個英文字組成(Huvepharma®: HUman and VEterinary PHARMAceuticals)。 



      比利時商浩衛製藥有限公司 台灣分公司 現在招聘【產品登記專員】: 



      1) 負責指定的動保相關(新)產品在台灣的登記 (特別是生物製劑類)。 

      2) 指定產品登記證的維護。 

      3) 協助新產品登記相關的試驗安排。 

      4) 與國外總部相關人員的聯繫與溝通。 

      5) 針對特定產品種類, 彙整國內已登記品項的訊息。 

      6) 向產品登記主管匯報。


      獸醫學類,藥學學類,畜牧學類 相關科系

    • 更新時間:2020-10-23
    • 花旗(台灣) 商業銀行股份有限公司(花旗銀行)

      Job Purpose: 

      • The Business Support Unit is an AML/KYC support/control function within the Institutional Clients Group responsible for the preparation, development, due diligence and approval of the electronic KYC Record and supporting appendices in partnership with Relationship Management and Compliance teams. 

      Job Background/context: 

      • Every new and existing client of Citi’s Institutional Clients Group is required to have a KYC Record before an account can be opened. The KYC Record outlines important information about the customer. 

      • There is a requirement to conduct research for company information from both internal and external sources, documenting specifics required to satisfy regulations. There are differing requirements depending on where the account is being opened. There is a constant need for KYC Record review as there are periodic renewals of the required due diligence carried out based on the risk of the client. 

      • The BSU owns the end to end KYC process from creation/renewal to approval of the KYC Record and supporting local country appendices. 

      Key Responsibilities: 

      • Create the KYC Record in the KYC system sourcing information from internal and external sources by the agreed deadline 

      • Proactively interact with relationship management teams and compliance to update system with information until final approval of KYC Record 

      • Review information from internal and external sources for company news (Firm website, Regulatory websites, Company website, Dun & Bradstreet, Google etc.) 

      • Validate the information within the KYC Record and CIP document to ensure completeness and accurate (Company/Entity Formation documents, Ownership, Management, etc.) 

      • Complete KYC Record incorporating local regulatory requirements / Global BSU Standards and policies 

      • Take responsibility for KYC Record and associated documentation completion from initiation to approval 

      • Maintain BSU tool current and be able to demonstrate work carried out 

      • Report workflow progress to supervisor 

      • Meet agreed daily targets for KYC Record review and completion within agreed Service Level Agreement timeframes 

      • Update workflow database regularly throughout the day 

      • Highlight any discrepancies to Senior Case Managers, Control Team and Section Managers 

      • Escalate any negative news and high risk cases to RM/PAM/AML Compliance department 

      • Assist in departmental projects as required


      商業及管理學門 相關科系

    • 更新時間:2020-10-22
    • 宏碁股份有限公司(acer)|電腦╱週邊設備製造
      新北市汐止區年薪 600,000~1,000,000元2年工作經驗以上大學,碩士500大服務業

      1.Manages activities of internal development partners, support team vendor and ODMs, ensure project progress smoothly and base on business plan to meet launch schedule. 


      2.Communicates program progress, escalations and issue analysis to implement changes to product, process or business practices to resolve issues, product solutions and ensure budgets and schedule. 


      3.Development schedule, budget, resource allocation and other support requirement for assigned program. 


      4.Drives innovation and integration of new technologies and quality into products.

    • 更新時間:2020-10-21
    • 美商恩傑有限公司|電腦╱週邊設備製造

      NZXT is seeking a power supply design engineer who can lead the product design, review, and validation of PC power supply and related products. The ideal engineer will not just lead ODM design teams but will be hands-on and shall have 5+ years PC power supply design experiences covering PFC, flyback, LLC, phase shift, powersharing in mass production. This individual will be required to work cross-department and assist product managers and program managers as needed in product specification, design, development and production. 


      Position Summary and Key Responsibilities 


      • Perform schematics design, BOM generation, debugging and testing of power supply 

      • Research, analyze and recommend new power supply design approaches 

      • Plan project, manage the schedule and work to meet TTM (Time to market), reduce cost and improve product quality 

      • Evaluate current and future high-efficiency & compact power supply design and recommend design modifications or enhancements to eliminate design roadblocks, improve product performance, and product quality 

      • Collaborate with system or lab validation testing engineers to discover and resolve any design, signal integrity, or quality-related issues 

      • Create and review technical documentation including product specifications, layout instructions, test procedures, etc 

      • Support other teams & FAE for technical support and perform failure analysis 

      • Support power supply product manager for technical support 

      • Evaluate and debug design prototypes on the bench and generate detailed engineering reports of findings and recommendations 

      • Work in close coordination with ID, ME, FW and PM cross-functional team 

      • Working closely with ODM PSU suppliers

    • 更新時間:2020-10-21
    • 花旗(台灣) 商業銀行股份有限公司(花旗銀行)

      The Quality Assurance team acts as a trusted body with a commitment to quality and process improvements, having an ultimate objective to identify areas of improvement and opportunities in the method in which the investigative analysts review and assess anomalous behaviors. The team’s responsibilities include identifying and reporting potential issues, submitting recommendations on a variety of developmental opportunities and/or best practices and serving as mentors to the investigative analysts. 


      Purpose of Role: Responsible for reviewing anomalous activity alerts/cases that are closed by AML FIU Investigation Analysts, Junior Analysts, and Senior Analysts as a control to ensure accuracy, completeness and compliance with regulatory, internal/external audit requirements and policy/procedural requirements. Responsible to ensure individual adherence to defined quality standards/core competencies. 


      Key responsibilities 

      -Acts as an Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the day to day process for conducting quality review of the operations analysts’ work. Objectively assesses the quality of the investigative analysts’ work for what is going well and what needs to improve and supports coaching efforts. 

      -Prepares QA reviewer reports with observations summary. 

      -Ambassador of best practices and facilitator of knowledge of money laundering processes. 

      -Escalation point for review of complex cases to validate that transaction monitoring alerts were processed in line with quality standards. 

      -Compiles the outcome of reviews and provides feedback on the standardization of alert monitoring processes across the hub. 

      -Ensures that the Quality Assurance process is executed in adherence with global standard policies and procedures, using global standard tools. 

      -Keeps regular interactions with global QA Team in order to exchange the standards on QA Program and keep consistency in QA execution. 

      -Adheres to global standard policies and procedures. 

      -Operates within agreed business SLAs and confidentiality standards

    • 更新時間:2020-10-23
    • 台北美國學校|其他教育服務業

      Job Summary: 


      The Purchasing Manager is responsible for overseeing the Purchasing department to manage school wide procurement business and to communicate with requestors to provide quality materials at competitive price timely needed by requestors. 


      Key Responsibilities:  


      Manage all aspects of purchasing to support schoolwide requisition requests efficiently, and cost-effectively. Ensure that all procured items meet the required quality standards and specifications. 

      Manage the day-to-day purchasing orders to comply with US and ROC importing and exporting regulations. 

      Work closely with the Compliance & Regulatory Office to maintain professional relationship with several ROC government agencies including but not limited to Customs, Ministry and Education, and Commodity Inspection Bureau. 

      Manage TAS day-to-day purchasing activities and ensure that all purchasing specialists are meeting their personal performance standards. Provide guidance and assistance to team members in the execution of their projects to ensure compliance to TAS purchasing policies. Listen to team members’ feedbacks and resolve any issues or conflicts. Motivate team members, evaluate team performance and report on metrics. 

      Evaluate, select, and establish relationships with vendors, and negotiate contracts for goods and services. 

      Review, approve and change contracts developed by team members to mitigate procurement risk from vendors and contractors. 

      Provide oversight and input regarding current purchasing systems, processes and procedures and recommend opportunities for future improvements. 

      Performs other related duties such as special assignments and annual major goals as required.

    • 更新時間:2020-10-22
    • KPMG_安侯建業聯合會計師事務所
      台北市信義區面議(經常性薪資 4 萬含以上)1年工作經驗以上大學以上

      1. 基礎建設投資策略分析與顧問諮詢。  

      2. 基礎建設興建營運分析、財務模型、與投資價值分析。  

      3. 基礎建設履約管理與合約爭議處理。 

      4. 基礎建設專案管理、投標管理。 

      5. 國內外基礎建設投資架構與資產管理諮詢。  

      6. 基礎建設籌融資諮詢服務。  

      7. 基礎建設之產業研究報告及盡職調查。 


      Leading transactions and advisory mandates with a portfolio of assignments at any one time. 

      Producing key transaction outputs – e.g. modelling analysis, information memoranda, investment committee analysis, and present these appropriately to Independently developing opportunities and building a portfolio of opportunities / projects to assist with business development; providing strategic, commercial and financial advice spanning the lifecycle of infrastructure projects to major corporates, public sector entities and infrastructure funds; service offerings of the team include the likes of: 

      •public sector PPP procurement 

      •bid/sell-side transaction advisory, project development advisory financial feasibility, business case, commercial model study, market analysis project finance model build, model review, PF debt raising advisory policy and regulatory advisory working in a dynamic team environment on infrastructure projects across power, water, waste water, transport, and social infrastructure sectors support on project/engagement management, client communication liaising with other business units of KPMG including, but not limited to, Tax, Accounting and Transaction Services.

    • 更新時間:2020-10-23
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