• 泰瑞莎文理語文短期補習班
      新北市土城區時薪 550~650元2年工作經驗以上大學以上

      1. Love kids. 

      2. Native English-speaker. 

      3. An undergraduate degree from a recognized university. 

      4. Afternoon and evening hours. 

      5. English teaching experience 1 year at least.

    • 更新時間:2020-10-23
    • 康和文理技藝補習班|安親╱才藝班
      新北市三重區月薪 50,000~65,000元5年工作經驗以上大學以上

      We are looking for a foreign teacher starting to work in August. 

      The school is in Sanchong district, New Taipei city.  

      Working time : Monday-Friday 15-18 hours/week 

      If you have interests in teaching elementary school kids, please send your resume to chansyang9@gmail.com 

      Those who are qualified would be invited for an interview and demo as well.

    • 更新時間:2020-10-26
    • 育達學校財團法人臺北市私立普林思頓高級中等學校

      •Foundation: Kwang-Shing Cultural and Educational Foundation 

      •Location: 10F., No. 103, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 

      •Students age: Elementary school grade 1 

      •Materials: Provided by the school 

      •15-30 students in one class 

      •Timetable (class period) can be discussed 

      Working hours: 

      •Monday to Friday: 8:40 am - 4:30 pm. (Classes start at 8:40 a.m.) 

      •Off work on weekend 

      •(NOTE: Some Saturdays may be required to work due to making up national holidays mandated by Taiwan government)

    • 更新時間:2020-10-26
    • 科見美語(科見語文文理短期補習班)
      台北市中山區時薪 420~500元經驗不拘大學以上

      您對線上英語教學有興趣且充滿熱誠嗎? 快加入科見Online的團隊吧!  



      1. 線上英文課程教學(每堂課25分鐘或50分鐘,1~6人小團班)。  

      2. 能多方涉略各種英文主題(生活.商用英文.科學.運動.旅遊.藝術.知識等...) 

      3. 提供專業教學品質, 依據教學目標授課,並評估學生學習狀況以提供改良 

      4. 可全英授課且與學員有良好的互動與溝通技巧,能給予學生確實的糾正與適當補充 



      1. 有線上教學經驗或實體教學經驗者尤佳 

      2. 具備TOEFL、IELTS、TOEIC、TESOL、Cambridge English Exams、TKT等相關證照加分喔! 

      3. 對英語教學有熱誠.有耐心.有活力, 非常重要!:) 

      4. 電腦(桌機或筆電) 

      5. 鏡頭 Webcam 

      6. 耳罩式麥克風耳機 

      7. 穩定的網路品質 



      1. 教學平台訓練 

      2. 豐富的上課內容 

      3. 親切專業的教務團隊 

      3. 隨伺在側的IT工程人員, 為您排除技術問題 

      4. 排課時間:週一~週日10:00-23:00(時間彈性可討論);周末可配合排課者尤佳。  

      5. 國定假日不排課 


      KOJEN ONLINE is currently looking for part-time native English-speaking educators to teach our online English language lessons. 


      [Job Responsibilities] 

      1. Instruct, monitor, assist and correct students during each 45-minutes online classes 

      2. Provide constructive feedback and complete online student progress reports. 

      3. Occasionally, you may be asked to attend training sessions at our Taipei office. (3 minute walk from Songjiang Nanjing metro station) 

      4. Adhere to a part-time schedule (Monday to Sunday 10:00-23:00) 


      [Job Requirements] 

      1. A Bachelor degree in any discipline  

      2. Excellent English proficiency 

      3. TESOL/TEFL certification is preferred. 

      4. Previous ESL teaching experience is preferred. 

      5. A patient and energetic personality. 

      6. Professional and responsible behavior. 

      7. Computer literate. 

      8. Ability to creatively explain things to young/adult English language learners. 



      420-450 NTD/each online lesson  


      *A work permit is necessary for a foreign worker.

    • 更新時間:2020-10-23
    • 新北市私立振鋒幼兒園(振鋒人文科技連鎖機構)
      新北市五股區月薪 50,000~70,000元經驗不拘大學以上






      Teaching English as Foreign language with British Council’s 



      •modify the lesson plan 

      •Create game and activities 

      • provide a professional 

      • patience and love 

      •GEPT EXAMS Direction


      GEPT全民英檢(優級),TOEIC 多益(Gold860-990分),IELTS國際英語測驗,TOEFL,TESL,TESOL 專業憑證

    • 更新時間:2020-10-27
    • 智擎數位科技股份有限公司(Funday線上英語)
      台北市中山區月薪 40,000~45,000元1年工作經驗以上大學以上

      【Job Responsibilities】 
















      FUNDAY is a private language learning institute based in Taipei, Taiwan, providing both offline and online classes in English to customers of all ages. At present, we have over 7,000 members on our platform with different proficiency levels. We are also the second largest online teaching platform in Taiwan. 


      FUNDAY has invested many years in looking into the needs of English training for both academia and domestic industries. We design our curriculum in accordance with the teaching methods and training courses of the foreign language and linguistic departments of prestigious universities, at home and abroad. 


      As we are about to launch our new K-12 curriculum to accommodate middle school students between 12-15 in face-to-face classrooms, we are recruiting international teachers with native-level proficiency to instruct K-12 courses in a array of subjects including Science, English, Math and Social Studies. Please refer to the criteria for candidate eligibility listed below: 


      1. A degree from English-taught bachelor‘s programs as minimum education requirement 

      2. A proof of no criminal record in home country for the past 3 years 

      3. More than 3 years of work experience in teaching ESL students the aforementioned subjects and curriculum writing (experience with K-12 programs are a plus) 


      Main job responsibilities are listed as follows: 



      1. Deliver face-to-face classes in full English to middle school students (6~12 students/class) 

      2. Teach a minimum of 50 hours on a monthly basis; monthly work schedule will be arranged accordingly 

      3. Design course curriculum and syllabus, grade student homework, and demonstrate lessons to student parents 



      Compensation and benefits include ARC sponsorship, National Labor Insurance, 8 rest days per month, public healthcare coverage and irregular bonuses paid to employees based on personal performance. 


      If you are interested in applying for the posted position, don‘t hesitate to contact us via email addresses at: 






      For more information about us, you may visit Funday‘s official website at https://funday.asia/


      自然科學學門,教育學門,英美語文學類 相關科系

      TOEIC 多益(Gold860-990分),IELTS國際英語測驗,TOEFL iBT 專業憑證

    • 更新時間:2020-10-25
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