• Xelay Acumen Taipei, Inc.世銳顧問有限公司
      台北市信義區年薪 520,000~600,000元經驗不拘大學以上

      At Xelay Acumen Taipei, you will be part of a growing high-performing global company with opportunities to serve healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotech clients on their cutting-edge drugs and therapies to help patients around the world. You will gain frequent professional development and consulting skills as well as a global network of like-minded colleagues that will prepare you for your time at Xelay and beyond. Taipei Analysts will have the opportunity to travel to the US for training purposes as well as long term rotations and/or transfers to the US for outstanding and high potential performers. Furthermore, strong performers will be considered for management roles in Taipei and globally. 



      Analysts at Xelay Acumen quickly acquire the core capabilities of a successful, trustworthy team member through the following responsibilities: 

      • Manage individual workstreams 

      • Create, refine, and present recommendations to senior management 

      • Structure and solve challenging problems to address critical business 


      • Perform complex clinical trial and web survey data analyses in support of 

      ad-hoc and ongoing projects 

      • Synthesize medical literature and communications into key takeaways and 

      implications for the Client 

      • Receive and provide timely feedback from managers and team members 

      • Develop programs, methodologies, and files for analyzing and presenting 


      • Interpret and organize data results, literature research and market 

      research into executive summaries and professional consulting 


      • Use and support database applications and analytical tools: evaluate data 

      quality, applications, and functions, produce output, maintain data assets 

      • Research new data sources and analytical tools; contribute to new product 

      development and improvement in product delivery and presentation 


      在台北世銳,您將成為持續發展高績效之全球公司的一員,並擁有機會為醫療中 心、新藥研發和生物科技客戶提供服務,協助發展尖端藥物和新療法來幫助世界各 地的患者。您將獲得持續的專業發展和顧問技能,以及遍佈全球、志同道合的同 事,為您在世銳及未來職涯發展做好準備。優秀和極具高潛力的台北分析師將有機 會前往美國總公司培訓、長期輪調和/或調職到美國。此外,優秀員工將被考慮擔 任台北或全球業務管理職位。 


      • 管理各個工作流程 

      • 為高階管理層提供和修改建議 

      • 構建並解決具有挑戰性的商業問題 

      • 執行複雜的臨床實驗和網絡調查數據分析,以支持專案計劃 

      • 將醫學文獻綜合成關鍵的摘要分析並提供給客戶 

      • 接收並提供經理和團隊成員即時反饋 

      • 開發、紀錄並報告程序、分析、方法及數據 

      • 將數據結果、文獻研究和市場調查組織成執行摘要和專業報告 

      • 使用和支援數據庫、應用程序和分析工具:評估數據品質、應用程序和功 


      • 發展新的數據來源和分析工具,促進新產品開發、產品交付和展示的改良

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