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      1、Quality planning, quality control and quality assurance for parts, assemblies and systems in the automotive industry. 

       有汽车零部件行业经验,全面和系统的质量规划、质量控制和质量保证。 

      2、Implementation of supplier qualification and supplier audits. 

       供应商资格认证和供应商审核工作的实施。 

      3、Responsible for ensuring and implementation of quality requirements in terms of process quality from suppliers. 

       负责确保和实施供应商的过程质量方面的质量要求。 

      4、Support the customers and their suppliers in the implementation of quality tools and management systems as well as the continuous improvement process (CIP). 

       支持客户及其供应商实施质量工具和管理体系以及持续改进流程(CIP)。 

      5、Perform internal and external audits. 

       内部和外部审核工作的执行。 

      6、Optimize quality processes and are responsible for the early detection of quality problems. 

       优化质量流程,并负责质量问题的早期发现。 

      7、Measure and monitor the quality level in the manufacturing. 

       对生产过程中的质量问题进行检测和监控。 

      8、Set up action plan and specific projects in order to achieve the quality targets. 

       制定质量规范和具体质量计划,以帮助实现质量目标。 

      9、Improvement of product and process critical features when it comes to performance and safety, and verify the fulfillment at design and at production level. 

       在性能和安全性方面改进产品和工艺的关键特征,并在设计和生产层面验证其实现。 

      10、Start up immediate corrective actions when needed (fault to resolution process). 

       在需要时立即启动纠正措施(异常解决过程)。 

      11、Maintain ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 system, ensuring the quality policy and culture are spread in the company. 

       维护ISO/TS 16949和ISO 14001体系,确保质量方针和质量理念在公司的贯彻执行。 



       University degree in engineering (mechanical, automotive, electrical) or a comparable degree program, specialization in quality is a surplus. 

       大学本科学历,(工程机械、汽车、电气)或类似专业,有质量专业背景者优先。 

       Minimum 5 years experience in the field of quality; further experience in a different function (manufacturing, engineering, R&D) would be a plus. 

       5年以上质量领域工作经验;具有不同职能(制造、工程、研发)的工作经验者优先。 

       Practical experiences with key quality tools like FMEA, SPC, 7 Steps Improvement, CIP, Lean management, Six Sigma etc. 

       具备FMEA、SPC、7步法改进、CIP、精益管理、六西格玛等关键质量工具的实践经验。 

       Proven experience in people leadership. 

       丰富的领导经验。 

       Fluent English and Hungarian. 

       流利使用英语和匈牙利语。 

       Ability to understand and embrace the full quality approach: customers’ satisfaction, continuous improvement, people motivation and empowerment, process management. 

       能够理解和接受全面质量方针:客户满意度,持续改进,人员激励和授权,过程管理。 

       Ability and willingness to work in team within a matrix organization with high troubleshooting skills and aiming at prevention. 

       有能力和意愿在矩阵型组织团队中工作,具有较高的异常排除能力和预防能力。 



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    • 震豐股份有限公司|化學原料製造


      1. 督導業務團隊提升銷售收入(70%): 深入瞭解客戶端應用,成為高效高品質的技術服務提供者,以提升客戶滿意度。 

      Supervise sales team to optimize sales and revenue(70%): Cultivate the customer needs, maximize the customer satisfaction, and to be an profession technical industry cleaning solution provider in AP region.  

      2. 廠務管理,包括但不限於生產排程、質量保證、ISO執行、人員管理、成本控制等各式營運專案。 (20%) 

      Oversee production processes, include but not limit to production schedule, quality assurance, ISO yssystem, staff management, cost control, etc.  


      Other miscellaneous. (10%) 



      •Reports directly to General Manager. 




      A minimum of five-year work experience in machine field sales mananger is required. 


      Experience in factory management is preferred. 


      Excellent in Business English (TOEIC 780 and above) is required 

      3.大學以上、工科背景, 有MBA或ISO經驗者尤佳 

      A university degree with technical background is required; MBA degree or ISO experience is preferred.  

      4.Willing to travel in Asia Pacific regions with frequency of 25% and above. 

      5.Service-orientated working attitude to access potential problems/business opportunities.  

      6.Problem-solving and analytical skills to interpret sales/market SWOT analysis and plan deployment. 

      7.Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite is required.  

      8.A valid driver’s license.


      商業及管理學門,工程學門,自然科學學門 相關科系

      ● 擁有 普通小型車 駕照

      ● 自備 普通小型車

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