1. Supervise and Coordinate Cashiers 


      Cashier managers ensure that there are enough cashiers available at each shift. They supervise employees and make sure that customers are helped at a timely pace. When conflicts arise, cashier managers resolve any issues. 


      2. Train Employees 


      Tasked with hiring new employees, cashier managers train cashiers so that they understand the functions of their position. Cashier managers explain guidelines, train on proper cash handling techniques, and teach employees how to operate the cash register. 


      3. Balance Cash Registers at Shift Change 


      At the end of each cashier’s shift, cashier managers balance the cash register and check that the register reflects the accurate amount of cash that it should have. 


      4. Audit Daily Reports 


      Ensuring accurate entries, cashier managers audit daily reports. They approve overrides and voids, and they count cash for the entire day. Cashier managers organize paperwork and receipts after auditing balances. 


      5. Answer Customer Questions 


      When customers enter the store, cashier managers greet and welcome them. They provide stellar customer service while answering questions and responding to concerns or comments.


      財務金融學類,企業管理學類,會計學類 相關科系

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    • A_Avantice Corporation|工商顧問服務
      A_Avantice Corporation
      東南亞菲律賓月薪 64,000~120,000元1年工作經驗以上大學以上


      Assist and support the facilitation of effective risk management with the 

      objective to ensure the risks facing the organisation and business are 

      appropriately managed in order to protect the interests of the organization and 

      it‘s stakeholders. 



      *Information Security Management 

      Assist in the implementation of Information security guidelines and protocols, 

      ensuring understanding and compliance. 


      Participate in the risk reviews for IT related projects to access the risks and providing recommendations to safeguard the company‘s data by ensuring process, 

      procedures and system operations comply with the information security policy. 


      Assist in the investigation of incidents relating to information security, data 

      breaches or other operational events as required. 


      *Risk Management 

      Participate in the design and development of the integrated risk framework 

      based on organisation‘s direction. 


      Provide support in developing and maintaining policies and procedures for risk 

      topics relevant to the business and organisation. 


      Assist in the identification and assessment of the current and emerging risks in 

      business operations. 


      *Business Continuity Management 

      Assist in development and maintenance of business continuity planning as well 

      as documentations in consultation with relevant stakeholders. Documentations 

      including the emergency response as well as recovery plan for business 



      Provide support to management as well as business units when business 

      disruption occurs.


      商業及管理學門,電算機學門 相關科系

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    • A_Avantice Corporation|工商顧問服務
      A_Avantice Corporation
      東南亞菲律賓月薪 40,000~100,000元2年工作經驗以上大學以上

      In support of the Risk Profiling Manager in Identifying, assessing, monitoring, the client‘s customer activities, and provides recommendations based on a risk base approach within the risk policies and standard procedures with the objective to ensure compliance and safeguarding the company and its customers against losses within the business‘ risk appetite.  



      Member Risk Profiling 

      - Providing mentoring and execution of BAU task/inquires, investigation of root cause in order to deliver high quality recommendations to internal stakeholder  


      - Support various business partners and internal stakeholders email/chat inquiries from internal departments  


      - Identifies problems and presents written solutions ensuring accuracy and validity of information.  


      - Investigates and based on established rules and takes action to prevent fraudulent financial transactions to mitigate loss to the business and its customers  


      Projects and Initiatives 


      〝Suggest projects and initiatives that resolves current and possible arising issues; development, implementation and maintaining suspicious activity monitoring in order to ensure the type, level and mix of risks remains aligned to the business strategy.  




      - Coordinate all department project and initiatives as assigned 

      - Enhance current processess and procedures based on business needs 

      - Validate user acceptance testing and coordinate process changes for new code releases〝 


      Key Controls and Processes 

      - Review and documenting process flows and updating procedure manuals for the functions performed, to enhance and fine tune existing business processes in order to facilitate more robust controls  


      - Responsible for the implementation and reviewing of the Key Control Self Assessment (KCSA) process, sampling and testing the population of controls to ensure compliance with agreed control standards as well as facilitating the monitoring/collection of any Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).  


      - Assist in the reviewing the member life cycle of the client‘s customer in order to effectively design monitoring triggers and recommend appropriate treatments.  


      - Contributing to the development of re-engineering methods to improve processes, reduce risks, increase controls and/or increase customer satisfaction.  


      Risk Intelligence and Analytics 

      〝Provide robust analysis and insight by identifying risk and trends in order to present monthly reports. 


      - Work with peers and senior team members to identify, design, and develop ad hoc reports and new reporting techniques using multiple reporting systems to generate potential case leads and identify new types of fraudulent activities. 

      - Reviews and analyzes fraud reports, validating suspected items against established rules. 

      - Share fraud trends with senior team members to jointly develop fraud rules and strategies to improve fraud detection accuracy.〝 




      〝Participate in required compliance trainings in order to satisfy regulatory and business partner‘s requrements. 


      - Behavioral and pattern Analytics 

      - Provide trainings for the organization on utilization of new reports and techniques to identify and addressing potential losses to the company. 

      - To promote risk awareness culture within the Company.〝


      經濟社會及心理學門,商業及管理學門,數學統計學門 相關科系

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