• A_Avantice Corporation|工商顧問服務
      A_Avantice Corporation
      東南亞菲律賓月薪 30,000元1年工作經驗以上大學以上

      This is an overseas posting. The Company is an International, fast paced, progressive & forward thinking operation that is very active in the Asia and UK markets in the online entertainment industry. Due to rapid growth in the business we are now recruiting for the following.  





      • Core Business Intelligence Function: Reports & Analysis  

      Process raw data into a structured values for reporting purposes and analytical applications, transforming the information into meaningful, graphical representations using BI tools, prepare and distribute regularized reports to stakeholders, make adjustments due to changing business needs, in order to meet accuracy of delivered reports and conformity to SLA.  


      • Report Enhancement:  

      Liaising with IT and business users to verify data and analytical requirements, providing input into the ongoing design, development, and deployment of our business intelligence and analytical solutions, adapting to new measurements and contributing ideas to promote automation in report generation and performing quality assurance testing and validation of BI solutions, in order to enhance overall report capabilities.  


      • Customer Enhancement Tools:  

      Executive operational task using third party emailing and CRM services such as eCircle, ExactTarget, in order to assist business activities  





      - College degree or diploma in Business, Finance, Accounting,  

      - Possess Computer Science, MIS, Information technology, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Engineering or equivalent technical work experience.  

      - A minimum of 1 years of relevant experience in Analytical roles or relevant experience.  

      - Demonstrates brief business understanding in one or more of the following areas - financials, accounting, payments, digital marketing, telemarketing, affiliate partnering, risk and compliances, and customer service operations.  

      - Basic understanding in reports/dashboard design and development using one or more of the following tools - Excel, Tableau, Crystal Report and SPSS.  

      - Proficient with Microsoft Office tools and SharePoint  

      - Excellent verbal & written communication skills in English and Mandarin  

      - People orientated, team player  

      - Good listening skills  

      - Youthful minded  

      - Time Management  

      - Collaboration  

      - Meticulous


      會計學類,財務金融學類,數理統計學類 相關科系

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    • A_Avantice Corporation|工商顧問服務
      A_Avantice Corporation
      東南亞菲律賓月薪 50,000元3年工作經驗以上大學以上

      The position exists in order to assist and support manager in developing internal control framework and auditing program within the organisation, and also responsible for the IT and access right related framework and practice.  





      Access Control: 


      〝Design and implement a system administrator guideline. 

      Administrate internal existing system access control. 

      Monitor and audit external system access control.〝 


      Compliance/Security Policy and Procedures: 


      Evaluates and updates policies, procedures, and standards to ensure alignment with applicable security control requirements. 


      Partner with IT Department: 


      〝Assist IT department in designing and implementing processes, tools and systems to identify, assess, measure, and monitor security risks. 

      Monitor the timely implementation of the IT environment set-up, and assist the development. 

      Assist in coordinating with IT department to prevent and detect system-related risk. 


      Promote information security culture: 


      Assist in promoting information security culture within the organization.

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    • A_Avantice Corporation|工商顧問服務
      A_Avantice Corporation

      This is an overseas posting. The Company is an International, fast paced, progressive & forward thinking operation that is very active in the Asia and UK markets in the online entertainment industry. Due to rapid growth in the business we are now recruiting for the following.  


      The position exists in order to assist and support manager in developing compliance program within the organisation with the objective to assist organization and employees adherence to Policies, Guidelines and Regulatory Requirement as per directed by Management and the Company‘s client.  



      Partner with Client‘s Corporate Affairs/Legal/Compliance 


      Understand, updated and facilitate new/ updated regulatory requirement within the organisation in order to comply regulatory requirement 


      Compliance Review 


      〝Design, develop and execute a compliance review program in order to cultivate a continuous business processes improvement environment within the organisation. 

      Conduct regular review on business activities to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of existing control environment. 

      Identify potential compliance issues and provide sound recommendations for process improvement.〝 


      Compliance Awareness Culture 


      〝Escalate compliance issues with relevant parties and recommending appropriate resolution measures. 

      Address queries raised by colleagues and fostering a compliance mind set.〝 


      Projects and Initiatives 


      〝Coordinate the delivery of projects and initiatives; development, implementation and maintaining suspicious activity monitoring in order to ensure the type, level and mix of risks remains aligned to the business strategy.  

      - Coordinate all department project and initiatives as assigned 

      - Validate user acceptance testing and coordinate process changes for new code releases〝

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    • VIRON|網路相關
      東南亞菲律賓月薪 30,000~40,000元經驗不拘高中職以上外商企業






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    • Dream Wealth Company|網路相關
      Dream Wealth Company
      東南亞菲律賓月薪 38,000~50,000元經驗不拘學歷不拘



      1. 監控現場營運,保障規定的流程與規範得到有效的執行;收集現場資料,同時對各類資料做專業的分析,根據要求製作並提交報表。 

      2. 定時進行工作匯報,第一時間回饋風險問題並予以解決。 

      3. 制定風險控制策略和業務操作流程不斷優化。  

      4. 與其他部門同事合作,完善審作業流程,降低因風險造成的損失。 

      5. 對業務數據進行審核、日常維護、數據分析工作和市場等方面的統計預測。  

      6. 基於數據分析,對業務問題分析並提供分析報告,完善風險防範機制。  

      7. 按照規範格式提交報表,包含正確嚴謹的資料,專業客觀的分析意見。  

      8. 整理和分析過往事故,運營數據,持續改進風險防範機制。  

      9. 定時進行工作彙報,回饋工作意見和建議  

      10. 新註冊會員初審分類、黑名單查詢以及統計、處理部門對接 

      11. 對超過通常範疇內的客戶盈利和投注具備敏感意識和分析能力宜  




      1. 抗壓性高、警覺性強、高度責任感之特質,善與人溝通具備高度耐心與細心。 

      2. 能夠在工作中與外部部門進行有效溝通。  

      3. 具備數字洞察能力、團隊管理能力,良好的跨部門溝通技能。  

      4. 操作基本電腦辦公系統(MS OFFICE SYSTEM),Excel、Word等。  

      5. 按照輪班制值班,監控現場營運,保障日常的流程在嚴謹的規範下執行。 

      6. 具備較強的統計、邏輯分析能力,對報表等資料存在敏感性,及時發現問題  

      7. 形象好人品端正 







      薪 水:人民幣 9000~人民幣 11000 (約4萬台幣) 

      發 薪 日:次月15日發薪,以當地貨幣(披索peso)或美金現金發放 







      半年15天年假,年假津貼4000 RMB 

      醫療補貼10000 peso 



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