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      As a Financial Analysis Senior Specialist, This person will be involved in special projects and must be able to manage multiple tasks at the same time. 

      1. Analyze current and past trends in key performance indicators including all areas of revenue, CAPEX, OPEX and Cash Budgeting and produce periodic managerial financial reports 

      2. Monitor key performance indicators, highlighting trends and analyzing causes of unexpected variance 

      3. Oversee and manage the continued development of budgeting, financial forecasting and business plan 

      4. Improve performance by evaluating processes to drive efficiencies and understand CBA in marketing programs, menu pricing, new project rollouts 

      5. Develop financial models and analyses to support strategic initiatives 

      6. Analyze business intelligence and reports to provide accurate and timely financial recommendations to management for decision making purposes 

      7. Prepare managerial presentations to Board of Directors and executive management team 

      8. Support to prepare managerial reports to Board of Director and Board secretary matters 

      9. Take the role of Overseas Business / Financial Business Intelligence project consultant and scrum team master/member


      企業管理學類,財務金融學類,會計學類 相關科系

      國際特許財務分析師CFA 專業憑證

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