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      In the face of a worldwide talent crunch, how do we ensure that our employees are equipped with future-proof skills? This position is crucial for the delivery of our training plans and talent development programs. 


      You will support the company‘s strategic objectives by designing and delivering learning interventions that prepare the employees through change and growth. 



      • To develop and implement a learning strategy and platform to deliver various approaches to effective learning and development and build organisational capabilities. 

      • To support and implement processes that enable the organization to identify, measure and invest in people potential 

      • To develop and deliver the training calendar for country/cluster and evaluate and work with training vendors where needed on training programs based on organization and employees’ needs 

      • To deliver various training programs, support new employee induction and on-boarding. 

      • To champion, coach, embed and deliver the Talent and Succession Management processes within the country/cluster management group as well as deliver leadership programs at appropriate levels and tailored for individual business needs. 

      • To participate in ad-hoc projects such as assessment and development centres, delivery of talent program modules etc.


      TOEIC多益 (Green470-725分) 專業憑證

    • 更新時間:2020-09-14
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